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What’s The Longevity Lifestyle’s main focus?

TLL is about staying as healthy as possible for as long as you live with as little reliance on medication as possible.

Why did you create this newsletter?

I did it for several reasons.

First, I want to live the longest, healthiest, most fulfilling life I can.

That means watching my daughter find her place in the world, writing more books, traveling, continuing my martial arts journey, and paying it forward.

My overall health is the flywheel that’ll give me the vitality and energy I’ll need to make it happen.

Second, I don’t want my wife and daughter to become my caregivers.

Many people become caregivers out of necessity: The cost for the level of care their loved ones need far exceeds their means, so they assume the role.

If you’ve ever seen someone in a caregiver role, you know how physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially draining it can be. If you haven’t, ask around. I’d say search the internet, but it may be far more impactful to hear about from someone you care about.

There’s a history of dementia and heart disease in my family, and while it’s not rampant, I’d be foolish to ignore it.
I’m determined to do what I can to disrupt this generational health pattern.

Third, I want you to benefit from my journey if it interests you.

It’s rewarding and humbling to make a difference in other people’s lives. This is the most scalable effort I’ve ever undertaken, and I’m excited to see where it leads.

How is this newsletter different from other health and fitness newsletters out there?

Ooh!! I know, I know!! Pick me!

There are a few differences:
First, I’m seeking to inform and entertain, so my voice and tone are edgier and lighter than the dry-ass reads you might be accustomed to. Skim at your own risk (🦈).

Second, as fantastic as modern medicine can be, I believe it can be too reactive in some areas, and so can we as its customers. Some conditions and diseases are manageable or even preventable if people take proactive steps to avoid them. Does having greater control of your health sound cool to you?

Third, I’m also a health & fitness enthusiast, not a healthcare professional. Which is why nothing I say should be mistaken, misconstrued, or misinterpreted as advice. I’m sharing my journey based on what I learn and believe to be true or worth trying.

That also means I’ll go light on the medical-speak because it bores me.

Who’d benefit most from this newsletter?

The newsletter is for people who:

  • Are facing health challenges
  • Know someone who is
  • Want to avoid as many health challenges as possible
Is the content based on scientific research or personal experiences?

Yes (ha!).

It’s based on both.

Since I’m neither a scientist nor a healthcare professional, the scientific research will come from distinguished professionals such as:

  • Andrew Huberman, PhD
  • Peter Attia, MD
  • Rhonda Patrick, PhD
  • Andy Galpin, PhD
  • And many more

I’ll bring the nonscientific research to the equation: Personal experiences, observations, anecdotes, memes, and bumper sticker sayings are in play.

Can I contact you?

Sure! Either email me or DM me on social media.

I may respond directly, through the newsletter, or via my attorney (ha!).

Do you debunk popular health myths and misinformation?

Sure do. It’s amazing what some people believe. I know because I’m one of them.

I appreciate compelling fiction only when it’s clearly labeled as such.

Is there a cost to subscribe to the newsletter?

I want everyone to have access to reliable information, so I’ll always publish a free newsletter version.

Subscriber feedback and market conditions may prompt me to offer a paid version in the future.

Do you collaborate with health professionals or feature guest writers?

I’m open to collaboration with health professionals and fellow newsletter operators.

I’d love it if one of my healthcare professionals wanted to write about me.

Are there any exclusive offers or benefits for subscribers?

As the newsletter grows, I’ll be keeping an eye out for exclusive offers and benefits to pass onto you.

How can I share feedback or suggest topics for future editions?

You can email or DM me.

Thanks for your interest in contributing!

If I find the content valuable, how can I share the newsletter with friends or family?

You can forward the email version or share the website version using the share buttons.

IAlso include sharing instructions with each issue of the email version.

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