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Thanks for checking out my writing portfolio!

I create content for a living and for fun. Different skill sets, with each having a positive influence on the other.

Here’s how my experience breaks down:

The technical side

I have over twelve years of technical writing experience.

My extensive background includes:

  • Project management for new client implementations, annual enrollment, and year end (tax)
  • Collaborating with SMEs and cross-functional SME teams
  • Leading content management teams
  • Researching, writing, editing, proofreading, and publishing content for internal and external audiences
  • Freelance web copy for small business owners
  • Mentoring, training, and coaching technical writers
  • Scripting, recording, and editing micro learning videos

I’ve used these content management systems:

  • HelpDocs
  • WordPress
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • OpenText TeamSite

Now, for the fun part…

The creative side

My creative writing experience includes a variety of formats:

  • Two crime thriller novels: Unhinged, and a sequel, Unforgiven, with a third in development
  • Freelance book marketing copy for independent writers
  • Freelance web copy for small business owners
  • Satirical sports articles
  • Screenwriting

Let’s pivot to the intangibles…

What makes me tick

I’m a strategic and tactical thinker. I’m hard wired to look upstream and downstream whether I’m working through a deliverable, managing a project, or facing a challenge.

I’m candid. I love to acknowledge my colleagues’ excellence and I provide specific, constructive feedback when I believe there’s room for improvement. I appreciate those who reciprocate in such fashion.

I love empowering people. Whether it’s means sharing knowledge, helping someone develop a new skill, or supporting their project, I enjoy paying it forward. It’s the right thing to do, and it raises the bar for everyone.

I love working remotely. The hour I save without a commute lets me begin my day earlier. It also minimizes the impact on family time when a project require extra hours.

I love connecting with people. It’s a blast to get face-to-face and feed off of the energy!

Of course, there’s saying it, and there’s doing it. So…

I get results

My past and present leaders describe me as a high-performing employee.

I’m proud to have managers I hold in the highest regard attest to my work ethic, project management skills, and writing abilities. They describe me as a “go to” person they trust.

While some people view writing as a solitary activity (when they’re not running screaming just thinking about it), I love collaborating with peers and subject matter experts to produce content.

On the freelance side, small companies and independent writers have trusted me to connect with readers through their web content and book marketing copy, respectively.

Video script-writing gives me a chance to play movie director. I’ve also edited videos with Camtasia and Cyberlink PowerDirector.

I’m a change champion

I thrive in an environment where agility is a must and I’ve earned a reputation for being highly adaptable.

I’ve beta-tested new tools to evaluate the pros and cons, gained proficiency so I can produce content to guide others, and helped my peers flatten the learning curve.

I’m a “why” guy

Whether I’m writing about or working with it, I like to understand why a process flows as it does. Closing any gaps in my understanding helps me avoid gaps in a reader’s understanding.

That also helps me discover efficiencies, which I socialize and implement in collaborative fashion through proactive communication.

That’s a wrap¬†

The technical and creative writing samples I’ve posted will give you a better sense of my writing style and voice.

Who can I help you connect with? Let me know.