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Your business faces stiff competition.

You understand how short attention spans can be and how time is money for your target market’s decision.

With your competition vying for their attention, too, it’s not enough to differentiate your products and services from theirs and communicate their value.

You need to persuade them your solution is the solution for their business needs.

And persuasive copywriting that converts can generate leads, increase return on investment, and contribute to revenue growth.

You may have rainmaking salespeople that could sell in their sleep. That’s fantastic when clients or prospects engage with them.

The problem is, the overwhelming majority of B2B buyers will visit your website to help them decide whether to engage with you.

I’m confident that doesn’t surprise you because you perform due diligence before engaging with a new vendor, too. If their content resonates with you, you contact them.

Their content converted you from a prospect to a warm lead.

How well are your website, social media accounts, and other marketing channels converting your prospects today?

How much better would your sales team perform, and your bottom line grow, with persuasive, lead-generating content in your digital channels? What about your e-commerce revenue stream?

This is where I can deliver for you.

Whether I serve as an extension of your marketing team or an army of one, I’m in business to contribute to your business’s success.

As a professional writer for over a decade, I’ve written thousands of pages.

Non-fiction and fiction.

I specialize is writing with an informal voice: think “business casual.” If your brand’s identity permits, I love a playful approach. Think Mint Mobile, Wendy’s, or Allstate’s “mayhem” television commercials.

My humor and satire samples show my comedic voice.

Sound interesting?

Contact me today to schedule a no cost, no obligation discovery call.