Can you drink your way to better health with Athletic Greens?

Posted by Al Boyle
On February 11, 2024

“He’s turning green.”


An amused Loginov observing Jack Ryan looking ashen after taking a drag from a Russian cigarette

The Hunt For Red October (1990)

What looks like St. Patrick’s Day in a bottle and tastes like your grocer’s produce section?

That’d be Athletic Greens, or AG1 as they call it now.

AG1 is a powdered nutritional supplement you mix with 8-12 ounces of water, depending on your palate’s preferences. It tastes like a kale, blueberry, pineapple, and strawberry smoothie.

And when I say powdered, I mean it. This stuff is super-fine. It also costs $79 for a 30-day supply, so you won’t want to waste a molecule.

“F***in’ A!”


Private Hudson, reacting to Ripley’s suggestion that they nuke the site from orbit to be sure the aliens don’t survive.

Aliens (1986)

Why have I opted for an expensive multivitamin when there are far less expensive choices on the market?

It’s a breaking generational habits thing.

“Yabba Dabba Do!”


Fred Flintstone, yelling his trademark phrase I still don’t understand today. I looked it up, and… yawn.
The Flintstones (1960-1966)

My multivitamin habit started in grammar school with the Flintstones. And why not? The guy could power his car with his feet!

At some point, I switched Centrum before pivoting again to Centrum SIlver once I entered my fifties.

It wasn’t enough.

Why I wanted more from my multivitamin

“If you want me, EARN ME! Until then, we are done.”


Olivia Pope, telling President Fitzgerald Grant their affair is over.
Scandal Season 2, Episode 20

It started in December 2022 with me wanting to have more energy and suspecting there might be a better multivitamin for me.

My thinking was, my body’s changing, and I need to adapt to its current nutritional needs. Though I’ve tended to eat well–in a previous newsletter, I shared that people have commented over the years about my healthy eating–I didn’t know if I was getting the nutrients my body needed.

I’ve also never known whether I needed to take a multivitamin in the first place. During every annual physical, my doctors over the years have asked if I do, but my “yes” response concludes the conversation on that topic.

I wondered if there was a better product for me. So I started researching.

Cue the montage of me scouring the internet, lurking in pharmacy and grocery store aisles, and launching drones to spy on unsuspecting neighbors.

Yeah, not that last one. Thanks for paying attention, though. 😉

It turns out the over-the-counter multivitamin options vary significantly from the quality and accuracy perspectives.

Besides fillers and sugar, some include ingredients you’d be inclined to avoid ingesting such as:

  • High fructose corn syrup
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Artificial colors
  • Shellac (yikes!)

That’s only a partial list. A couple of linked resources below take a deeper dive if you’re interested.

Still, you may be wondering…

Why Athletic Greens?

“We’re just not asking the right questions. We will. We’ll find it.”


Ennis, Alaska Chief Liz Danvers, to Trooper Evangeline Navarro about the elusive truth behind their cold case.
True Detective: Night Country (2024)

On Dr. Andrew Huberman’s Huberman Lab podcast, a science-themed podcast, he shares that he’s a satisfied Athletic Greens customer dating back several years. Athletic Greens is also a podcast sponsor.

The Athletic Greens website, which I’ve linked to below:

  • Lists the product’s ingredients
  • Explains their manufacturing process
  • Speaks to why they’ve entered one of the most competitive spaces on the planet
  • And more

I tried a 30-day sample, found I liked the taste, liked how I felt, and stuck with it. Could my feeling better be the placebo effect? It could.

My blood work also improved, though. I can’t attribute it entirely to AG1 since I cut back further on sugar and saturated fat, but the improvement is encouraging.

Athletic Greens’ customer service

I’ve found AG1’s customer service to be excellent. The few times I’ve reached out, they’ve responded quickly. They’ve also demonstrated a proactive approach.

My last shipment was delayed on the courier’s end. AG1 emailed me prior to the expected delivery date to apologize and advised me they’d send some free product with my next order.

I appreciate a company that cares about its customers’ experiences.

A cautionary note (?) about Athletic Greens

Based on everything I’ve read, the ingredient that concerns me most is Stevia. The plant-based sweetener allows them to keep the recipe sugar-free.

I’m not experiencing any side effects, and I checked with my doctor before using the product. Some medical professionals not only consider Stevia safe for moderate use, they believe the product may have health benefits.

I look forward to a newer, more comprehensive study that determines the product’s efficacy and safety with greater certainty.

I’m also curious what the product would taste like without Stevia.

In the meantime, I’m keeping my eye out for a superior supplement.

What’s your go-to?





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