Amy Dylan Series – Book 1

Unhinged e-book coverJared Chambers has been abducted. The lone witness, psychic Amy Dylan, was miles away when it happened.

Skepticism, suspicion, and hostility stalk Amy even after she produces the first solid lead in the case.

Will it be too late when Amy realizes that she’s Jared’s only chance of survival?







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Amy Dylan Series – Book 2

Unforgiven e-book coverIn this sequel to Unhinged, Amy Dylan is in a dark place.

Her psychic abilities are gone. Her radio talk show is gone. Her daughter is furious with her for risking her life. For the first time in years, Amy’s outlook is bleak.

And it’s about to get worse.

Homicidal nurse Celia Brown has been murdered in prison. Celia’s niece, Jaden, is skilled, tenacious, and determined to settle all scores.

Can Amy survive an enemy she can’t see coming?




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